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geology 252 - historical geologyLast Updated  •  August 12, 2016    

Both textbooks are required

ABOUT the Geology 252 textbooks:

  1. HISTORICAL GEOLOGY - Evolution of Earth & Life Through Time
    The official textbook for lecture is the 8th edition of Wilander and Monroe "Historical Geology".
    There are older editions of this textbook on the market, with only minor differences.
    If you prefer to buy an older edition it is fine, but you should at least try to get the 7th edition.
    In any case, once you choose an older edition you will be responsible for finding the proper materials in the book.
    It is fine if you find a cheaper, used copy o this textbook, or an electronic version of it.

    Levin and Smith's lab manual has been updated to the 10th edition.
    Older editions of the lab manual have different sets of questions and this makes it necessary for you to buy the new edition.
    I also do not recommend that you ever buy a used copy of this lab manual because pages are usually missing
    and answers (not necessarily the right ones) might have already been written in by other students who then dropped the class.
    In any case, you will need to tear pages from this book at the end of lab exercises and turn them in for the grading at the end of each lab.
    Xerox copies are absolutely NOT an option for the lab exercises.
    Any lab exercise that is not individually completed in class on the pages of a new 10th edition of the manual will NOT be accepted.

Both textbooks are required

lecture textbook:

R. Wilander and J. M. Monroe

Evolution of Earth & Life
Through Time

(8th edition)

Engage Learning
20 Channel center street
Boston, MA 02210

lab manual:

Levin, H.L., and Smith, M.S.


(10th edition)

McGraw Hill Higher Education, New York

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geology 430 - Stratigraphy and SedimentologyLast Updated  •  August 12, 2016   

This textbook is required

lecture textbook:

Donald R. Prothero and Fred Schwab

(3rd edition)

W. H. Freeman and Company
New York, NY 10010

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