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A key to lab 15 (Earth History)

Canadian Shield and Basement Rocks of North America

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The Basement Rocks

question 1, page 220
This question asks you to divide figure 15.1, page 221, into four areas of belts, and to label the provinces, from oldest to youngest, according to instructions. What follows is a possible, partial solution.

question 2, page 221
The Churchill (1.6 - 1.8 MY) orogenic event happened at least 700 million years after the older Superior (> 2.5 MY) orogenic event. The Churchill Belt cut through the Superior Belt, thus resetting all dates in the area affected by the new orogenesis to the dates of the younger belt.

question 3, page 221

  • Shade in pencil the probable extent of the Superior Belt
  • Most likely to the northeast

question 4, page 222
A microcontinent would most likely have a completely different stratigraphic and tectonic style. Its rocks and its fossils would not have any relation to those of the crayon they have been attached to.

Precambrian History of the Lake Superior Region
Photo Interpretation of Precambrian Rocks in the Belcher Islands, Canada
The Yellowknife Gold District, Northwest Territories, Canada

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