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Geology 252 (Historical Geology)
Geology 430 (Stratigraphy and Sedimentology)

Field Trips Last Updated  •  October 15, 2016    

Geology 252: Historical Geology (with Lab), Fall 2016

  • Trip to Coso Red Hill, the Coso Playa, and Red Rock Canyon (October 21, 2016):
    Igneous and sedimentary rocks, modern sedimentary environments, rock sequences, interpretation of ancient sedimentary environments, sedimentary structures, Walther's Law, rock color, and more

    • click here for printable, general information about this trip
    • click here for a partial topographic map of the Little Lake Quadrangle including Coso Junction, California. The map has been prepared for optimal printing. Check your settings and make sure you are printing a full map and that your orientation is set to "portrait" and not "landscape".

    Coso Junction, California

    Images from the Winter 2015 Historical Geology field trip to Coso Junction, California

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